1968 Landrover Project

Always wanted a series 109 and found one with no engine and alot of rust.  It had a 6 cylinder

in it but it was gone.


The frame was rusted and had to find one with less rust.  The body was soda blasted and painted with

etching primer and US army sand color.


Needed new door posts since the orginals were pretty rusted.






The newer frame was missing part of the front frame.


The orginal fuel tank was pretty rusted out so it was trashed and a new on made.  The bottom,front and rear are one

piece 1/4 inch steel and the sides and top or 16 gauge.  Also made it a little wider to fill the area between the frame rails.

Holds about 24 gallons.




The  axles are dana 60's front and rear.





The transmission is a NV 4500 need the over drive for the 6.2 diesel.  The transfer case is a Dana 300.


New front cross member and motor mounts.

Extending the front frame horns.



GM 6.2 diesel a tight fit.

Fan and fan clutch are off a dodge 360.


Frame and axles were primed with etching primer and painted with POR-15 chassis paint.



Had to put the body and front fenders on before we could mount the accessories for the engine.

Used a  high output gm alternator, the powersteering pump is off the 6.2 diesel with the remote reservior

The power steering is from a scout.  The brake reservior if from a corvette and the hydroboost if from a

Blazer that had a 6.2 diesel in it.




The air compressor is off a dodge.

The radiator is a Ron Davis.  With the oil cooler in front of it.




Took the 109 to Moab to test it out.  Had a few problems.  Since the cover to the transmission is not finished the

noise level was very high.  The front drive shaft rubs a little on the exhaust.  Have a leak out of the rear main seal or

oil pan.  Overall did very well.  With no roll bar and the fact that we did not want to trash the truck on the first time

out we were not very aggressive.

Dan Johnson