Baja Trip December 2004

Day 1

The trip started in San Diego.  It was a nine day trip led by Gary and Monica Wescott

of The Turtle Expedition, Unltd.

After gathering in San Diego we obtain insurance before crossing the border.

We headed south to Ensenada along the toll road.

It is a beautiful drive along the Pacific Ocean.

Arriving in Ensenada about 1pm.

We exchanged money and went to the supermarket to load up on supplies.  Then we

went to the fish market to get some fish for a future dinner and fish tacos for dinner.

The fish market had a very wide variety of sea food available.

We ended up buying a large Mahi Mahi to be shared by all along with other items.

Following the shopping at the fish market we went next door to the fish taco stands

for dinner.  After agreeing on a good price we proceeded to chow down.  At about a

dollar per taco they went down pretty easily.

After dinner we shopped a little making our way to Hussong's Cantina.  It is the oldest bar in Ensenada.

The band was pretty good.

Everyone had a great time.

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